Who is Lexi Young on ‘The Bachelor’ Season 28?

When Lexi Young found out that Joey Graziadei was the lead of The Bachelor, the Season 28 contestant said she had “had full body chills.” Three weeks into the journey, her feelings for the 28-year-old are only growing stronger.

Lexi made quite the impression on Night 1 and memorably revealed in her intro video that she has a health condition that could prevent her from having her own kids. As the season progressed, Lexi has consistently stood out to Joey. (Remember when she made out with him during the talent portion of the Mrs Right pageant?!) And ahead of Episode 4 she’s rumored to finally have a one-on-one date that could change everything.

So who is Lexi Young on The Bachelor? What does her official ABC bio say about her? Which medial condition does she have? And how long does Reality Steve see her sticking around?

Here’s everything you need to know about Lexi, including her age, Instagram profile, and more.

Who Is Lexi Young on The Bachelor?

Per Lexi’s official ABC bio, the 30-year-old digital strategist from Atlanta, Georgia “is a sweet soul who is really ready to find ‘the one.’”

“The digital strategy manager has everything going for her, but now she wants someone to share in her many successes,” the bio continues. “Lexi is loyal, kind and smart (like, graduated in the top 1% of her MBA summer program at MIT kind of smart). She moved over 15 times during her childhood and is ready for a stable man who will stand by her side through the good and the bad. Lexi says that when she loves, she loves deeply and is a ‘ride or die’ for her person. Lexi is here to find her perfect match and hopefully return home with Joey by her side.”

Lexi on 'The Bachelor'
Photo: Disney/Richard Middlesworth

After Lexi kissed Joey during the talent show portion of the Mrs. Right pageant and won the competition, Joey explained, “I gave Mrs Right to Lexi because I felt like she was the one that surprised me… I can still feel her lip quiver, I could tell that she was nervous, and it was out of her comfort zone, and that’s what today was. Lexi’s already a good kisser. I’m in trouble if she gets any better.”

While Lexi may not regularly leave her comfort zone, she does like to have fun! And we’ve got the fun facts to prove it:

  • Lexi was the resident advisor (RA) of her freshman dorm.
  • Lexi cannot live without her self-tanning mousse.
  • Lexi’s life goal is to run a marathon.

Want to learn more about Lexi outside of The Bachelor? Follow her on Instagram at @lexiyoung21.

What Is Endometriosis? What To Know About Lexi Young’s Condition

As noted above, Lexi revealed in her intro video that she has a medical condition called endometriosis, which could prevent her from having her own children.

Curious what endometriosis is? Per John’s Hopkins, endometriosis is a condition in which endometrial tissue grows outside the uterus and can result in “inflammation, scarring and painful cysts.” The disorder, which reportedly affects up to 10% of women between ages 15 and 44, can lead to incredibly painful period cramps, pelvic pain, pain during or after sex, and other symptoms. Though the cause of endometriosis remains unknown, experts have learned the condition is linked to infertility. While there isn’t a cure for endometriosis yet, pain can be managed with hormone therapy, laparoscopic surgery, a laparotomy (larger incision than a laparoscopy to remove tissue), a hysterectomy (removal of uterus), and other treatment options.

Though Lexi and Joey haven’t had a chance to talk about her endometriosis yet, she’s opened up to cameras about it — and the fear that it could be a dealbreaker for Joey — several times, and we’ll likely see a deeper conversation about it if Lexi does get a one-on-one date. She also goes into further detail and shares personal experiences with endometriosis on her Instagram account, so be sure to check her videos out to learn more.

Curious how long Lexi’s Bachelor journey will last? Read on for Lexi-related Reality Steve spoilers.

How Far Does Lexi Young Make It On The Bachelor? Reality Steve Spoilers

Want to avoid major Bachelor spoilers? Consider this your chance to stop reading. If you’re curious to know how long Lexi Young might stick around, however, we’ve got a Reality Steve rumor below.

Per a Reality Steve post from November 29, 2023, Lexi isn’t not listed in Joey’s Top 4, which means there’s a good chance she gets cut ahead of Hometown Week.

As always, Reality Steve rumors are only rumors until proven otherwise. So we’ll have to tune in to new episodes Mondays from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. ET on ABC or watch next-day on Hulu to find out. In the meantime, be sure to read our interview with Joey Graziadei for more Bachelor insights.