Teddi Mellencamp Says She Has To Undergo Skin Cancer Surgery After Unsuccessful Immunotherapy Treatment: “My Anxiety Is Popping Off”

Teddi Mellencamp is sharing some somber news with her followers after undergoing an unsuccessful  immunotherapy treatment for melanoma.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star revealed that the therapy did not work for cancer on her back, telling her Instagram followers that she just had “a big cry.”

“I just got the call from my doctor that the immunotherapy did not work, it was not successful,” Mellencamp said in a Monday (Dec. 18) Instagram Story, per People.

“So, I have two different options. I can either do a big skin graft of my stomach or my arm, but it’s a very long recovery, or I can go in and get another wide excision surgery on Dec. 26,” she said. “And they’ll have a plastic surgeon come in too because it’s such a big area and then just keep getting my checks every three months.”

She then added, “So, that’s where we are. Get your skin checked, folks.”

Mellencamp reiterated the news in an Instagram post today, where she shared an image of the scars on her back and revealed that she has decided to undergo surgery later this month.

“I don’t like going under and my anxiety is popping off but I have faith all will be ok and that the reason this is happening to me is because I am able to raise awareness,” she shared.

She continued, “After surgery, when god willing my margins are clear, we will continue to monitor my body closely every 3 months. In the meantime, I am so looking forward to spending Christmas with my loved ones and hope this is a reminder to book your skin checks for the new year. ❤️ “

The Real Housewives star has been open about her health since first revealing her stage 2 cancer diagnosis in 2022, which came after she was diagnosed with melanoma in situ — defined by the American Cancer Society as a melanoma that “has not grown deeper than the top layer of the skin.”

Mellancamp wrote on Instagram in October of that year that she went in for a three-month skin check for melanoma in situ, where her doctors found “another abnormal spot,” which a biopsy revealed to be stage 2 melanoma.

She wrote at the time, “I continue to share this journey because I was a 90s teen, putting baby oil and iodine on my skin to tan it. Never wearing sunscreen or getting my moles checked until I was 40 years old. This has been such a wakeup call for me, and I hope to all of you, to love and protect the skin you’re in.”