‘Golden Bachelor’s Theresa Nist Protested That She Wasn’t “Ready” To Marry Gerry Turner During Impromptu Wedding On ‘Live’: “No, Wait!”

The Golden Bachelor stars Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist recently paid a visit to Live with Kelly and Mark, where the lovebirds were surprised with an early wedding ceremony ahead of the televised Golden Wedding they’re set to have in January.

After Kelly Ripa congratulated them on their relationship, she and Mark Consuelos got straight to business after grilling Nist on her “intentions” with Turner during the Tuesday (Dec. 26) episode.

“We understand that they want you guys to get married on TV, we’ve talked about this before, but Mark is an ordained minister,” Ripa said. “And, you know, since we’re all gathered here today…”

As Ripa spoke, wedding music began to play over the stage, and the backdrop of the New York City skyline suddenly changed to an image of a chapel.

“We can just do the wedding right here!” she said, handing a very surprised Nist a bouquet of flowers and the rings, which turned out to be two Ring Pops.

“This is perfect,” Turner said with a laugh, while Consuelos began, “I just have a few questions. Theresa, do you vow to cherish and honor Gerry, in sickness and in health?”

After she and Turner vowed to love each other “now and forever,” Consuelos declared, “By the authority vested in me, by the show Kelly and Mark, I now pronounce you husband and wife.”

Nist suddenly began protesting, exclaiming, “No, wait! We’re not ready!”

Despite Nist’s protestation, the couple appeared to be in good spirits during this so-called “dress rehearsal.” At the start of their interview, Nist gushed over their relationship, saying they’ve had a “really good” time together since The Golden Bachelor concluded.

However, a recent report hinted at alleged trouble for the couple. OK! Magazine claims that Turner and Nist have been “bickering all the time” off-camera as their Golden Wedding approaches, specifically about Nist requesting a prenup from Turner.

“He’s offended that she doesn’t trust him,” an inside source told OK!. “They’re bickering all the time now — unless the cameras are on.”

The report also alleged that Nist’s friends are urging her to “think twice” about marrying Turner, especially after a bombshell Hollywood Reporter article claimed that Turner was not entirely truthful about his dating history since his wife’s death.

But it looks like the Golden Wedding is still on — especially now that they’ve gotten some practice under their belt thanks to Kelly and Mark.

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