Deceased ‘General Hospital’ Star Sonya Eddy’s Family Reveals They Never Received Her Posthumous Emmy – Because Her Friend Won’t Give It To Them

General Hospital star Sonya Eddy was honored at the 2023 Daytime Emmy Awards last December after she passed away in 2022. But her family claims they weren’t notified that she would be receiving a posthumous Daytime Emmy Award – and they still haven’t gotten a hold of it.

TMZ reports that Eddy’s family is trying to get the award back from Tyler Ford, Eddy’s producing partner and friend who accepted the award on her behalf during the ceremony.

Eddy’s brother, Robbie Eddy, told the outlet that the family was not notified that she would be receiving a posthumous award. They are now reportedly working to get in contact with the Television Academy to receive the Emmy because Ford allegedly refuses to hand it over.

Robbie says the family currently has “no plans” of taking legal action against the Television Academy or Ford because “they don’t want to tarnish her memory with a lawsuit,” however, they hope he will decide to do the “right thing” and give it to them.

Sonya Eddy
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Eddy was honored by the General Hospital cast three months after her passing during a broadcast of the show’s 60th anniversary episode. Her former co-stars praised the actress, who starred on the show for over 16 years.

“Sonya was such a beautiful soul. Her smile would light up everybody’s day. She never complained about being tired. She was a spark of joy,” Lynn Herring said.

Her passing was announced by her friend and fellow actress, Octavia Spencer, who wrote in a post on social media, “My friend @sonyaeddy passed away last night. The world lost another creative angel.”

Spencer’s statement continued, “Her legions of @generalhospitalabc fans will miss her. My thoughts and prayers are with her loved ones, friends, and fans!”

Eddy was 55 when she passed away.